Cambridge has a worldwide reputation as a centre for learning and education. It is also home to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, one of the foremost teaching hospitals in the UK and part of the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The Paediatric Department within Addenbrooke’s provides a regional hub for children from the East of England, as well as an integrated local service for children living in and around Cambridge. It provides a wide range of specialties – the range of such specialty services being greater than any of the London teaching hospitals, bar Great Ormond Street – and has results for many areas that rank amongst the best in the country

We want to combine skills and knowledge of this team of doctors with the tradition of Cambridge, its teaching and its environment. We have therefore developed a series of master classes in general and specialty areas within paediatrics that we hope will be attractive to a wide range of health care professionals both around the UK and abroad. These master classes are intended to be practical, interactive, competency based courses that will be of direct practical use to trainees. We anticipate that participants will develop the course with us and will help us make them of value to all clinicians, wherever they practice. Many of these courses will double as national meetings but others will be standalone and we expect to have a combination of general, specialty, managerial and nursing topics. So please have a look at what we have on offer. Get in contact and tell us what you want. Above all, participate and we look forward to welcoming you to the inspiring environment and indeed inspiring teachers that we have in Cambridge

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